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Decommission of 'Old' FPDS ATOM Feed Versions Print

As part of the implementation of V1.5 Service Pack 9, a new version of the FPDS Atom feed is being introduced (V1.5.2) to include Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) information. Along with the implementation of FPDS Atom Feed V1.5.2, to ensure that FPDS Atom feed users are all receiving the latest contract action report formatting, all FPDS Atom Feed versions prior to V1.5.2 shall be decommissioned, on a scheduled decommission timeline.

For both Public and DoD Atom Feeds:

1. The following FPDS Atom feeds will be decommissioned along with the V1.5 Service Pack 9 Beta Deployment, on 5/14/2021:


2. The following FPDS Atom feed versions were decommissioned 3 months after V1.5 Service Pack 9 Production Deployment, on 9/11/2021:


3. The following FPDS Atom feed versions were decommissioned 4 months after V1.5 Service Pack 9 Production Deployment, on 10/16/2021:


After the decommissioning tasks listed above, the ONLY active version of the FPDS Atom feed will be FPDS V1.5.2.  For additional information regarding FPDS V1.5 Service Pack 9, including the content and associated implementation dates and Government Acceptance Testing dates, the Service Pack Release notes can be accessed at the following link:


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